AMEB Piano Series 16 Grade 1 is a collection of graded repertoire for AMEB Piano exams. Carefully selected by top Australian Piano performers and pedagogues, the grade books feature a diversity of musical styles and often include works by celebrated Australian composers. Repertoire is carefully coordinated to align with the technical requirements at each grade level.

List A

  • Marches qui traversez tous le rivage More (Sweelinck)
  • Canon (Kod��ly)
  • Canon (Kod��ly)
  • Two canons (Davies)

List B

  • Gayement (Telemann)
  • Schaffs mit mir (Bach)
  • The swing (Salter)
  • The mill (Gurlitt)

List C

  • Sonatina (Haslinger)
  • Minuet (Pleyel)
  • Menuett (Mozart)
  • Toccata (Smetana)

List D

  • Poseidon's throne (Poe)
  • Clowning (Kabalevsky)
  • Rhyme time (Milne)
  • Barcarolle (Salter)

AMEB Piano Series 16 Grade 1

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