With its ultra compact size, the Ibanez AD Mini pedal packs true analog delay tone that can fit on even the most cramped pedalboards.

You'll be able to dial in everything from short slapbacks to echoes. The true bypass switching completely removes the effect out of your signal path when disengaged.

Many guitarists at Ivanhoe Music are big fans of the classic Ibanez AD9 analog delay pedal, and with the AD Mini pedal you get the same sonic goodness from the 100% analog signal path.

To add true analog delay to your guitar rig, Ivanhoe Music can highly recommend the Ibanez ADMini.


  • All Analog Delay
  • Repeat, Delay, Blend Controls
  • Delay Times from 20ms to 600ms
  • True Bypass

Ibanez Effects Pedal Analog Delay




Tech Specs -

Pedal Type Analog Delay
Controls Delay, Blend, Repeat
Delay Time 20ms - 600ms
Bypass True Bypass
Inputs 1 x 1/4 Inch
Outputs 1 x 1/4 Inch
Power Source 9 volts DC (Required)
Dimensions (DxWxH) 92.6mm x 50.9mm x 55.1mm
Weight 288 Grams


*Power Supply Not Included